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Young Space came into being in Edinburgh, UK, during a postgraduate program at the University of Edinburgh-Edinburgh College of Art. While studying the History of Art (in a building far removed from the art school), Kate Mothes (that's me!) established the blog as a way to connect with artists and exhibitions in Scotland.

It grew into a nomadic project platform once I moved back to home state, Wisconsin, where it has taken the shape of numerous collaborative projects in addition to the online platform. After going on hiatus for several months while other projects took over, it was re-launched in October 2016 with a new format, featuring original interviews and other content. Since then, it has grown exponentially! It continues to expand and reconfigure in response to artists' input and participation.

About Kate

Currently based at Standard Projects, Hortonville, Wisconsin

Additional curatorial projects + downloadable CV: katemothes.com

T: +1 920 815 5136
E: kate@young-space.com


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