So it begins.

A new project. Unknown territory. A turning point, a reminder, an adventure, a dream. What happens next? Will this be successful? (Am I drinking too much coffee?) Existential questions crop up when one dives into something new. Enter the young space. (Or, I admit, I love the borderline dumb 'young[          ].')

I'm not totally new to blogging. I've managed personal blogs on and off for the last few years, but they all fizzled and died eventually. I worried, was my daily life not interesting enough to chronicle? Well, perhaps not. But I realized that the blogs I read and the ones I've written have been categorically different. I compulsively scroll through blogs and sites about contemporary architecture, visual art, fashion, indie music, film, and literature. So why was I writing half-baked blog entries about pie recipes and walks in the park? Don't get me wrong, there was something good in all that, but it just didn't add up. Read more about me here.

Young[          ] is written from my perspective on the art world. It begins here in Edinburgh, but it will inevitably change. I'm neither an artist or an academic. I'm in the blurry, often intense and contested space in between. I think I'll just revel here for a bit! Welcome!

I am always accepting artist submissions. See the Submit page for all the info.

Exhibition: Confessional Art-Art Confessions