Changes afoot

It may have become more clear over the last couple of weeks that the number of posts to Young Space has dropped off a bit. (Don't you hate blog posts like these?) I promise this is no death knell, but a simple 'Hello! I'm still here!' with a bit of news about what's going on and what you can expect from Young Space in the coming months. In a little less than two weeks I'll be flying home to the States after completing year-long history of art masters program at the University of Edinburgh. At the moment most of my time is devoted to finishing up a dissertation, hence fewer posts here. It's been a whirlwind year and I've learned a lot. Like... aย lot.ย And in the magnificent way big life experiences often go, it hasn't gone the direction that I initially imagined. But even implying that I had some sort of imagined outcome would be stretching it a bit -- the truth is I had absolutely no idea what would happen afterward. What I knew was that I loved art, and I let that guide me to grad school, but past that point I didn't really know what sort of 'career path' awaited me.

I learned I'm not an art historian, nor do I find deep, dark history to be as compelling as what's happeningย now. It took a clean break from what I had previously been doing in order to understand that my interests lie in the misty borders between art history, fine art, and art education. The thing is, I don't want to be an art historian, an artist, or a teacher; I want to be something of all of those things together -- and that's the bit where a good glass of whiskey comes in handy next to the big ol' drawing board of life.

I value a background in theory and history to help me understand what young artists today are doing, but my interests certainly center on contemporary work being done by energetic, boundary-busting young and emerging artists--those who have yet to get a solo show, gallery representation, or even a degree. I'm interested in artists who look back as well as forward, who experiment with form and display, who both pursue research-based PhD art practice or shun institutional art training -- and everyone in between. Young Space is a platform for refining my own tastes as much as it is about discovering brilliant new work by artists all over the world and being able to turn around and share it with anyone who stumbles upon it in this little corner of the web.

This blog is a tool as much as a hobby for me that benefits emerging artists by providing an 'article' or 'review' about their work in a virtual gallery of sorts. What I'm striving to do next is transfer this virtual model into physical form.ย Young Space is a catalyst in a much larger artistic vision that I've been developing gradually over the past few months but will only begin to take shape, in time, once I am home in Wisconsin. Of course, I'll keep you posted. ;) Meanwhile, there may not be as many posts on Young Space as there have been -- almost one daily! -- but while I work on other projects, the blog will continuously be a part of these developments, and more than ever I encourage students and artists to submit your work!

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David Favrod's 'Hikari'

David Favrod's 'Hikari'

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