Terrence Boyd

Terrence Boyd

At first I did not realize that these were drawings -- I thought they were stitched. Interestingly, maybe coincidentally (but probably not), Terrence Boyd has used stitching of a sort in his work, but these elaborate yet simple drawings recall embroidery, complete with holes and patches, almost resembling the way that a silk garment looks when it has been repaired. A 2013 Masters graduate of Cargenie Mellon University, Boyd explains that the repetitive strokes become a meditative experience:

The drawings in The Neverlands document an individual learning process using this creative method of meditation to help us understand  death, while allowing thoughts and memories to wander to far off places.

Check out more of the artist's work at art.terrenceboyd.com.


One by: Talon Gustafson

One by: Julie Hoppner