Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson Elephant Hawks 4

  Matt Wilson Eurasian Bulls 1


Matt Wilson Eurasian Bulls 3


Matt Wilson Eurasian Bulls 4


Matt Wilson Eurasian Bulls 5


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Matt Wilson Elephant Hawks 1


Matt Wilson Elephant Hawks 3


Matt Wilson Elephant Hawks 4


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Matt Wilson RSA 1

Edinburgh-based artist Matt Wilson, a recent graduate of the University of Dundee and featured in the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2014 exhibition, examines nature, geometry, time, and decay in his work. Wilson's mediums are primarily lithography, photography, and screenprinting, and he is able to combine and interweave these media throughout different series and presentations. Influenced by the compartmentalized format of newspapers, he takes that layout and applies it to his work and its display, creating spare collages that can be arranged in what becomes effectively a large-scale collaged display.

Wilson portrays animals such as birds and or insects along with household items that are outdated or time-worn -- the sort of thing one might expect to find stashed away on a forgotten shelf in a basement or an attic. By studying the impact that time and the environment have on objects and nature alike, the artist pulls together images of architecture, scenery, and other objects to show that nothing stays the same. Like old newsprint and the news itself, time takes a toll on these items which were once new, shiny, complete, useful, or even alive.

More examples of work and further information on Matt Wilson can be found at mattwilsonart.co.uk.



Yunmi Her's "Stranger"

Yunmi Her's "Stranger"

One by: Calen Russell Barca-Hall