Mayme Donsker

Mayme Donsker

Mayme Donsker Lullabies for Broken Hearts

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Mayme Donkser Moon Shadows

Mayme Donsker The Draftsman and the Ballad Writer

I'm a huge fan of the simple power of well-executed graphite and charcoal drawings. I love the natural gradations and the texture that's possible through careful handling of these mediums. What drew me to Mayme Donsker's work is the way she combines printmaking with drawing, overlaying charcoal and graphite layers onto prints. The added layer of material adds a mysterious depth and heightens the tactility of the print surface. And by printing on various materials like rice paper and cotton, some more transparent than others, the graphite or charcoal works like a "filler," making some scenes more opaque while others are left ambiguously "see-through."

Mayme Donsker graduated with an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. Find more examples of her work at maymedonsker.com.



One by: EfrenAve

One by: EfrenAve

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