New work: Chyrum Lambert

New work: Chyrum Lambert

Chyrum Guillotine For Four

On November 20, Los Angeles-based artist Chyrum Lambert has his first New York Show at Ed. Varie. I thought this might be a good time to share a few new pieces by Lambert, who was featured on Young Space back in May. Chyrum Looks Good Wears Well Hope It Lasts

Chyrum MASK 1

Chyrum MASK 2


Chyrum Running Water Red Tile


Chyrum Contemporaries CONTEMPORARIES


Chyrum Anchor


Chyrum Big Romance


Chyrum Still Life With Projection (New Age Gestures)

Check out much more recent work at chyrumlambert.com and chyrumlambert.tumblr.com.

Chyrum Ann


Alexis Arnold's Crystallized Books

Alexis Arnold's Crystallized Books

Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin