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Somewhere between the styles of Ralph Steadman, Francis Bacon, and a Mike Judge cartoon sits the work of Brian Jerome, a native of York, Pennsylvania. His work depicts experiences and even hallucinations by way of startling, even grotesque illustration. He explains:

My goal is to create imagery that explain a certain retelling of events, memories, and emotions. In the conversation of experiences, the key players are no longer their actual physical selves, but instead character incarnations.

Jerome, interested in psychology and the mind, often depicts the characters in his images as playing out a scene, whether as part of a social commentary or an apparently nonsensical association. Perhaps an association only understood by the artist himself. One series in particular, Eucharistic Admiration, plays with the idea of association itself, as small, abstract block prints are assigned purposely unrelated titles. It's understood that the viewer may not 'get it' -- that experience itself is subject to an individual's perspective and can change shape over time and through shifts in memory and communication.

The artist is currently pursuing an MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. More information and much more work can be found at brianjerome.com.


One by: Lily Kuonen

One by: Lily Kuonen

One by: Nobutaka Aozaki

One by: Nobutaka Aozaki