Pava Wülfert

Pava Wülfert

Colombian artist Pava Wülfert creates beautiful abstractions on canvas, methodically combining sketches and shapes, carefully chosen color combinations, and returning to previous work to reinterpret them into new pieces. I immediately respond to the choice of circles in various bright colors, which serve both as pattern and focal point, and are more potent for often complementing ungessoed canvas.

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YS: What interested you in painting and 2D work?

PW: I was always interested in art. By  studying architecture I found a range of possibilities that allowed me to enrich my artistic development.


Can you tell me a bit about your process? How do you get started on a piece? Do you plan it out before you begin?

I am very methodical and organized; the first approach is through sketches, drawings, small compositions in my sketchbook. But in my process there is space for error. The errors, fragments, and  heterogeneous are part of my compositions. Many of my works are made of excess canvas of other paintings that are rethought.


Who or what are some of your most important influences?

The diversity, miscegenation, heterogeneity of Colombia is a strong influence on my work. I tend to look at a different artist every day. Today I recommend Katharina Grosse.


What is your studio like?

It is an experimental laboratory of artistic processes.


What do you consider the most exciting or fulfilling aspects of being an artist?

Each day the artistic process  brings new concerns and doubts, making the creative process more interesting.


Is there anything that you find particularly challenging? What do you need most as an artist?

My biggest challenge is to capture and contribute with my work to the situation that is happening in Colombia. I would like my artwork to be a  product of the peace process.


Is there anything you know now that you wish you would have known when you were just getting started? What advice would you give your younger self?

Nothing, mistakes have helped me build a better present. My advice: work hard and never give up.


Do you have any exhibitions or projects upcoming that I can share?

I recently finished an exhibition in Mexico.  Upcoming projects in 2017 will probably include an exhibition in Zurich and Hong Kong.

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You can find more information and examples of Pava's work on Artsy and at pavawulfert.co.

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