Pedro Pezte

Pedro Pezte

Excited to share the popular culture- and street art-influenced work of Sao Paulo artist Pedro Pezte, whose paintings derive subject matter from cartoons and childhood memory, but certainly carry darker undertones. They are frenzied and raw yet detailed, nodding to graffiti and pop art alike. 

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Can you tell me about yourself? I see you live in Sao Paulo; how did you first become interested in making art?

I always been in touch with art. My parents have an old book store and sell some little pieces of art too. I have always made drawings and paintings since I was a kid. My parents always supported me (thanks mom and dad, I love you).

What is the art scene like in Sao Paulo?

We have a great scene, sure the graffiti and the pixo are strong because we live in a big metropolis, but we have a great space for fine arts too.

What is your studio like? How do you get started on a painting, or where do you get your ideas?

My studio is my old bedroom, a 2 x 4 m² room. I want to move to a larger room in the future. 

Who or what has influenced you the most?

I had a lot of different influences. My work changes a lot by the time. My main influence is the human being, the life, the streets. I love the lonely act of the painting, but I need to live to paint something. I can’t create anything only being a bedroom boy.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

“Know what u like, know better what u don’t.” 

What do you love most, or find most rewarding, about making art?

I like to keep in touch with the people. The art is nothing without the public. I like to paint and create links and emotions, speak with people without words. 

On the other hand, what do you think is the most challenging part of working as an artist?

Being an artist, u need to never stop on a comfortable place. You always need to challenge yourself to new levels of technique and visual choices. If you discovered a new way, stay for a while, and change. 

Do you have any exhibitions or projects coming up?

Yeah, some of my new works will be show up at PARTE, an art fair in Sao Paulo. 

Any last thoughts?

“Fear is a man’s best friend.” – John Cale.

Find more at pezte.com!

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Bridge Work 02: Dominic Chambers and Max Cozzi

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