Daniel Anselmi

Daniel Anselmi

Happy to share the beautiful collages and collage-influened paintings by Maine-based artist Daniel Anselmi! 

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Can you tell me about yourself? I see you're based in Maine -- are you from there originally?

I have always considered myself an Artist. I was born in New York, raised in California, have lived in Honolulu and Boston, and now Belfast, Maine.

What has your art education been like?

I grew up with art books, two years of college with an Art History major. Studio courses. Museum shows at an early age made me see and appreciate art.

What first interested you in pursuing art?

Have always practiced art, not until later after a career in visual work at Bloomingdales did I dedicate myself full time.

Your practice combines elements of collage and painting; was there one that you discovered first?

Painting was first, but then I found I enjoyed the freedom of collage, the elements of being able to move the shapes and forms as opposed to painting them.

Who or what are some of your major influences?

Matisse, Picasso, and of course the elements in the natural landscapes of where I lived, seasons etc.

Can you describe a bit about your process?

First is the choice of color palette, the the process of painting the paper I will use for the collage/painting.

How long does a piece typically take?

It varies, but usually it is about a month between the initial painting of paper to the actual completion of a particular piece.

What is your studio like?

Very neat and orderly when I am not working, however during the work periods it can become overwhelming. My work involves cutting and painting so I usually don't stop to clean. After I will remove the remains off the floor.

Is there anything that you consider to be your greatest moment of accomplishment, or most exciting experience so far as an artist?

Being awarded the Monhegan Artist residency fellow in 2013. They only give two per year. It was for five weeks on Monhegan Island, a true life changer for me as an artist.

What do you need most as an artist?

Support from fellow artists, and time to think and create.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Work work work

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions or projects?

A few group exhibitions in 2017, and a Solo show in August of 2017.

Anything else you would like to add?

I have always said that any artist really should do the work they want to do, and people will see that you are true to yourself. I have been extremely well received, and I think it is because I create work that is genuine to me.

Find more at danielanselmi.com!

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