Teresa Orazio

Teresa Orazio

I'm totally in love with Italian artist Teresa Orazio's semi-abstract, autobiographical illustrations. The characters and the series falls under the name Moonmambo, an ongoing exploration of identity. They are fantastic for their brazen, sensual, cheerful, and equally unsettling undertones, and I'm happy to share a great Q&A with links to much more Moonmambo magic at the bottom!

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Tell me about yourself! Where are you from and where are you based now?

I am from Naples, Italy, I am 37, and I have been living in Italy for one year so far and probably going abroad again to UK. I lived for almost 7 years in the Netherlands between Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam. I use to work as Creative Graphic Designer and Head of Creative for agencies/studios.

What first interested you in art or design?

Well, it all happened since I was a kid, when I started spontaneously making drawings, and this never changed throughout my life. It was always an intimate act of communication.

Can you tell me more about Moonmambo?

My characters, and moonmambo, is myself. It's autobiographical, and its style, its shape, is related to my mum. Back in the day I used to make figurative human bodies, but still in a surreal and abstract context. Finally moonmambo's shapes, over years, came up, but it had always been on my mind.

When did you start working with this style of abstracted figures? 

Pretty much 5 years ago. During those years here was a lot of developing before appearing like they are now.

Have you been influenced by anyone or anything in particular? Any mentors?

Influences... not really, but I get inspired by fashion photography and photographers.

What is your workspace like?

I have never had a workplace for my art. I travelled a lot, and I have never settled down for real somewhere, and that's what I am looking for: to settle down somewhere in this world. I am exhausted with moving abroad without making my roots somewhere solid in order to build a studio, and more and more indeed.

What do you consider to be the most challenging or difficult aspect of pursuing a creative career?

Good question. Everything I have gotten was never easy to get, apart from my talent. So given that I suppose life is not easy. The most challenging or difficult aspect of pursuing a creative career is to find the right circle of people to be with. But this is regarding life, not just a creative career, I guess!

What is the most exciting part? Any memorable accomplishments stick out?

The most exciting part is when I can make an exhibition. Memorable accomplishments include when I sold all my canvases at my exhibition.

Do you have any upcoming shows or projects that you're currently working on?

Upcoming shows -- not yet. I would love to make an exhibition or to paint a big wall.

Anything else you would like to add?

I am really happy to know that there are people like you interested in art interested to promote, support, and collaborate with artists. Thanks a lot Kate!

Find more at Flickr and on Instagram! @moonmambo

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