Hello high school!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dropping into a class at Appleton North High School where a charter program called Appleton Career Academy just started their current segment on gallery and museum careers. Their teacher interviewed me with questions that each student could take notes for, and it was a really useful exercise for me to go through, even in a general sense, all the steps it takes to plan an art show. Things like how one gets in touch with artists, how a theme develops, and even how one goes about purchasing work at an art gallery. It's really refreshing and educational in surprising ways (for me!) to speak with kids who have little or no experience with any sort of so-called "gallery scene," but they want to know about it because they want to study art, or would like to work in a museum, or might just be a little bit curious.

Not only was I able to stop in to speak about what I do on a daily basis, but it also got my wheels turning about how to incorporate their upcoming assignment -- researching and curating their own mini exhibitions using the blog 365 artists in 365 days -- into something they could actually experience. We'll see where that goes, but in the meantime, they are also preparing something simple yet important that will be incorporated into the pop-up art show in Green Bay opening two weeks from today! I'm really excited to follow up with them in early April to see how their exhibitions have come along!


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