Juliette Dominati

Juliette Dominati

Tell me a little bit about you!

[From her statement:] French, born 1990, lives and works in Paris, France.
Graduated in 2017 from Ecole Nationale d'Arts Paris-Cergy.
Juliette Dominati glamps all kinds of images and objects that she finds in her environment. She collects scraps of materials, postcards, pieces of objects, fabrics, and photography or films what surrounds her. These disparate pieces are then invested by the artist who covers them with paint and assembles them. The forms it produces are more a corpus of experiments. In each case, it is a question of starting from the given, from the object, from its formal qualities. Presented as an evolutionary and open process, it approaches painting through sensitive environments.
Some objects refer to furniture and when one approaches it, the scales reports open to landscapes. One finds again this quality of sobriety of the silent space and the painted object, characteristic of the still life.

When did you first discover art, or realize you wanted to make it yourself?

At 3 years old, at the Centre Pompidou, taking a nap in Jean Dubuffet's Jardin d'Hiver.

What is your process like?

I collect things with no ideas of what I am going to do with them. I can paint a lot objects in a few hours. The studio is full of them. Then I assemble them together.

Do you have a mentor, or a piece of advice (or both), which has influenced your practice?

Jessica Stockholder
Richard Tuttle
Henri Matisse

"It is very unlikely that you once become a successful artist. You have to take pleasure making it, and doing it for yourself only." some professor.

Describe your studio.

It is full of material that I accumulate and paint.

What do you find most daunting, challenging, or frustrating about pursuing art?

You never reach, attain the place you sometimes see or feel.

What are three words you would use to describe your work?


What do you do when you find yourself in a creative rut?

I work!

What do you love most about your medium? What challenges or surprises you most about it?

Solitude and silence, adrenaline.

What do you need or value most as an artist?

A mix of rigour and spontaneity.

What keeps you creating?

Looking the work of others.
And a need to cut with the everyday life.

What are you working on right now?

A show with an accumulation of objects (found, painted, or made) and stories (found, reconstructed, or made)

Find more at juliettedominati.com and on Instagram @juliette.dominati!

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