work(space) in progress

work(space) in progress

I could look at artists' spaces all day.

That's not weird, right? My continuing obsession with the process behind the way contemporary art is produced goes full-throttle when I see artists' work spaces. From the minimal, practical and tucked away to the massive, airy, or chock-full... I hope this edition of work(space) in progress is as inspiring to you as it is to me!

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Adam Handler

Oil and acrylic painting || Armonk, New York || adamhandlerstudio.com / @adamhandlerstudio

Jackie Slanley

Mixed media painting || New York, New York || @jackieslanleyart

Louisa Casas

Oil on canvas || Dublin, Ireland || louisacasas.com / @louisa.casas

Melanie Norris

Watercolor and oil pastel || Asheville, North Carolina || melanienorrispainter.com / @melanie_norris_painter

Klavs Loris

Acrylic, oil, spray paint || Riga, Latvia || Facebook 

Ezekiel Wong Kel Win

Charcoal on canvas and fabric || Singapore || wongkelwin.com / @wongkelwin

Eรณin Francis McCormack

Pigment on canvas || Dublin, Ireland || eoinfrancismccormack.irish / @eoinmccormack_artist

Julio Rodriguez

Painting || Richmond, California || jcrart.com / @juliocrodriguez__

Phill Hopkins

Painting || Leeds, England || phill-hopkins.co.uk / @phill_hopkins

(That's his work in progress in the header image, too!)

Marco Pariani

Painting || Milan, Italy || marcopariani.it / @marcopariani

Submission info:

Submit 2-3 photos via email to kate@young-space.com with the subject line "My Studio"

In the body of the email, include: your name, primary medium, city & state/country, and website or Instagram links.

Selected images will be featured in a regular series of posts on this site dedicated to the love of art studios. Selection guidelines and process are the same as for any other Young Space submissions; please see the submit page for all those details!

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Jon Marshalik

Jon Marshalik

Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez