Dragutin Banic

Dragutin Banic

I just adore Dragutin Banic's painting and sculptural work, combining organic, abstract forms with clean lines and structures. Make sure to see much more at the links below!

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I'd love to know a bit about you! You're based in Cologne, Germany right now. What first interested you in making art

As a child I was always drawing in children's books and on paper. Later in school, I think it was in the second class, I fell in love with this girl, and she was the best at drawing and painting, and I loved her stuff. From then I recognized the need of drawing and painting.

What has your art education been like, whether formally or informally?

I studied Art in the academy HBK Braunschweig. The first one year in the basic studies class I was excited about meeting people. Throughout that study time, we talked and discussed a lot about  everything, we cooked together, and there was a lot of good music.

Our Prof. Walter Dahn invited very interesting people, and we came together and talked about art and other things.

Your current work involves large paintings in which you use traditional egg tempera and pigments, which is a very old method of painting. What attracted you to that?

When I paint with binder like egg tempera/pigments or rabbit glue, I have to slow down the painting process. It takes a lot of time to mix the colors.

For every bigger application of paint, I mix new colors. As a painter I was always looking for matte colors, which I found in gouache colors that I use for my paintings on paper, and colors which contains binder like egg tempera or rabbit glue. When the colors dry, they get this powder matte look which I love, and you can also see the crystals from the pigments.

What do you like most about the medium? What challenges you most about it?

I also work as sculptor. I collect things or build objects. I put them together with the paintings/drawings and see what happens.

Can you describe your practice a bit? What sort of ideas or themes are you working with? Do you do any research for your paintings?

In my studio I have a big shelf and tables with found objects. Some of them have rested there for years. Especially when I'm working on paintings, I love to look at these objects. I am not interested in painting them; it's more the aura of things, places/locations or the idea of an allegory which swap into the paintings.

How would you describe your studio or workspace?

My studio is located in a back yard of Cologne. Earlier on, I think it was a bakery or butcher shop. It has a glass roof and sometimes I get visits from cats that live there.

What is the best advice you've ever received so far?

Clean your brushes.

What keeps you wanting to create?

I guess my hands.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about pursuing art, either creatively or professionally?

For me, the best way is to go to the studio and work, and not think about these kind of questions. I just love what I am doing, and it's always exciting when new fields open, to find new means.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I'm working on a landscape painting series on canvas and paper.

Find more at npiece.com/dragutin-banic and on Instagram @banic.dragutin!

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