work(space) in progress

work(space) in progress

Workspaces and progress!

It's been a minute! I've been preoccupied (read: obsessed. in love?) with the new "wip" Instagram account -- check it out! @youngspacedotcom.wip -- which consists of artist takeovers for three-day stretches, as well as some random snippets of my own experience as a nomadic curator. But it also reminded me that I haven't done a work(space) in progress post in a while, and it's high time I did! Feast those eyes! (And hopefully it gets you motivated to head to your own studio or work spot!)

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Jen Meyer

Acrylic and oil || Los Angeles, California || jenmeyerart.com / @jenmeyerart

Leah Tumerman and Maria Schoettler

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas + Gouache painting || Oakland, California || leahtumerman.com + mariaschoettler.com / @leahtumerman + @mariaschoettler

Austin Moule

Mixed media painting || Madison, Wisconsin || @austingmoule

Elisa Gomez

Acrylic, latex and oil || Denver, Colorado || elisagomezart.com / @elisagomezstudio

(She's gracing this post's header image also!)

Gabriele Herzog

Oil-stick, gesso, acrylic, spray paint, raw cotton canvas || Berlin, Germany || gabrieleherzog.eu / @gabriele_herzog

Patrick Roman Scherer

Pencil and paper || Vienna, Austria || patrickromanscherer.com / @patrickromanscherer

Monica Perez

Mixed media || Venice Beach, California || @monicaperezart

Vanessa Irzyk

Acrylic on paper || Boston, Massachusetts || vanessairzyk.com / @vanessairzyk

Manny Trinh

Acrylic and ink || Toronto, Ontario || mannytrinh.com / @mannytrinh

Ross Hansen

Paintings and drawings || London, UK || rosshansen.co.uk / @rosshansenstudio

Matteo Cordero

Painting || Italy || facebook.com/matteocordero / @matteocordero


Acrylic on panel || New York, New York || hystm.com / @hystm

Submission info:

Submit 2-3 photos via email to kate@young-space.com with the subject line "My Studio"

In the body of the email, include: your name, primary medium, city & state/country, and website or Instagram links.

Selected images will be featured in a regular series of posts on this site dedicated to the love of art studios. Selection guidelines and process are the same as for any other Young Space submissions; please see the submit page for all those details!

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To submit your work to the website and find other current opportunities to get involved, visit here!

M. Benjamin Herndon

M. Benjamin Herndon

Florence Sweeney

Florence Sweeney