Eloise Kirk

Eloise Kirk

Absolutely loving the textures and paint in Eloise Kirk's work! Check out more at the links after the Q&A!

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Tell me a little bit about you!

I am a collage, painting and assemblage artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. I completed a bachelor of visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 2013.

When did you first discover art, or realize you wanted to make it yourself?

I first realised I wanted to be an artist in High School when my favourite art teacher in Hobart told me I could actually go on to study art, and that I should. Up until this point no one had really encouraged me to do anything in particular.

What is your process like?

I have a very instinctual process. I gather images, materials and shapes that I see around me and I work very quickly. I experience a lot of failure through my process because I don't plan anything. I work on a handful of pieces at a time. I'm interested in elemental themes and the fictionalisation of landscape.

Do you have a mentor, or a piece of advice (or both), which has influenced your practice?

The best advice I ever took was to forget about what every other artist is doing and focus on my own practice.

Describe what your studio is like.

I'm a clean freak so everything is organised in sections. This can be hard when you are constantly cutting up things for collage, but I do a tidy up after every session so I feel fresh for the next session.

What do you find most challenging, challenging, or frustrating about pursuing art?

It's always hard to get used to rejection as an artist, but over the years it stops having such a big impact and you just push on.

If you could sit down for dinner or a drink with anyone, who would it be and what would you chat about?

I'm not really much of a talker. I would rather eat a tomato sandwich on my own in the sun.

What are three words you would use to describe your work?


What do you do when you find yourself in a creative rut?

Watch TV and wait it out

What do you love most about your medium? What challenges or surprises you most about it?

I love flipping through images of natural disasters. Sometimes I find a really great image and I'm too scared to use it in case I mess it up.

What keeps you creating?

It just keeps feeling complete

What are you working on right now?

I'm working on an exhibition for the Hobienale which is a curated festival happening in Hobart in November. Several ARIS from around Australia and New Zealand will be presenting work in various locations around the city. I'm working with a local initiative called 'The Curated Shelf.' It's a very exciting project and I'm super excited to be a part of it.

Anything else you would like to add?: I'm having a baby in two weeks [Kate's note: as of the time of this interview!]

Find more at eloisekirk.net and on Instagram @eloisekirk!

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