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The deadline for this opportunity has passed! Please check out the Opportunities page for updates on current and upcoming opportunities to be involved.

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Kate Mothes of Young Space and Claire Abitz of Standard Projects (an artist-led space in Hortonville, WI -- see below for a map) are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind juried exhibition event to take place at Standard Projects in Summer 2017! We happily invite submissions of contemporary visual art for a group exhibition from 14 July - 6 August, 2017, with an opening event on Friday, 14 July, and additional events TBD. The final weekend coincides with other local arts events such as Mile of Music in Appleton, WI, and the Great Poor Farm Experiment in Little Wolf, WI.*

The aim of this project is twofold: in an effort to highlight artist-led initiatives and the role of community in artist-run projects, Young Space invites artists to participate in an exhibition that will coincide with the completion of a remodel of the venue space at Standard Projects. Utilizing the Internet as a vehicle for ideas, we ask whether it can also be used to "collapse" geography, in a sense, and bring projects that are global in scale to a place that is off the beaten track.

Sizable emphasis is placed on the ideas of collaboration, connection and community. This isn't a theme so much as a context; we invite artists to make work that is representative of you they do -- make what you make! The context, in this way, aims to emphasize the arts' ability to bring people together by generating dialogue, and testing the boundaries of how art may be experienced -- especially focusing on artistic development away from the city center. A followup publication produced by Young Space is planned, further exploring these themes.

The exhibition will take place throughout the public areas of Standard Projects, including a large, open venue space on the lower level; two wide hallways/vestibules; portions of an airy, open garage space; and a vault. Selected work will be promoted online and available for sale in an online gallery on

Submission fee is $25. Entry deadline is 15 May 2017. See below for other important dates!

All proceeds are put directly toward Young Space and Standard Projects' operating costs in order to further their missions of promoting and supporting artists, artwork, and ideas.

About Young Space + Standard Projects

Young Space is an online and curatorial platform emphasizing early-career contemporary artists. Please visit the blog and Instagram to get a sense of the curatorial mission!

Standard Projects is an artist-led initiative in a former police station in the village of Hortonville, WI, just outside of Appleton, WI, and about two hours north of Madison. [Visit artist-in-residence Robert Fraher's beautiful impression of the place here: The Quality Without a Name.] Standard Projects aims to provide an inclusive work space and environment for artists and makers by offering a seasonal artist-in-residence program, a music venue and studio, and spacious workshops emphasizing wood, metal, and textile.

The gorgeous, multi-use spaces at Standard Projects have been most recently used as an intimate music venue and gathering space and collaborative workspaces, and is getting primed for a summer of events and projects. Currently getting a gorgeous facelift (those white walls are practically still wet!), there will be some wall additions and some other unique touches, and I can't wait to curate some artwork into these wonderful, flexible spaces!

*Young Space and Standard Projects are not officially affiliated with these events.