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Visit the Submit page for all website submission criteria!*

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Submit your studio

Submit 2-3 photos via email to kate@young-space.com with the subject line "My Studio"

In the body of the email, include: your name, primary medium, city & state/country, and website or Instagram links.

Images should include studio overviews, works in progress, and give an idea of your process (as opposed to finished works). Selected images will be featured in a regular series of posts on this site called "work(space) in progress," dedicated to the love of art studios and the process of making. To see what's the what, check out this example.

Selection guidelines and process are the same as for any other Young Space submissions; please see the submit page for all those details!*

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To be considered for an Instagram takeover on @youngspacedotcom.wip, use the hashtag #youngspacewip.

Please note: There is currently no direct submissions process for @youngspacedotcom. If your work is selected for a blog post on this site, at least one Instagram post is guaranteed. Most of the images curated into that Instagram gallery are at Kate's discretion. #youngspace or #youngspacedotcom for a better chance of being seen!

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*It's a one-woman show here at Young Space, and while I look at every submission, due to the volume I receive, I may not be able to respond to everyone (although I would love to!). Please allow a few days (sometimes up to a week or two), for a response, in any case! Ultimately, the decision is based on a combination of artistic merit, originality, and how the work fits into the context of this site. This is a diverse and inclusive platform; all are encouraged to contribute regardless of age, race, gender, religion, language, etc. Now, send me your stuff! Woo!

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