Artist residencies are opportunities for artists and writers to get to work. Often situated in rural areas with a connection to community and an environment that fosters collaboration, experimentation and creativity, residencies seek to provide artists with time and space to do what they do. Below is a list of residencies, in the United States, constantly growing. It will eventually include international residencies as well. If you know of or have participated in a residency that is not on the list, please GET IN TOUCH! (work in progress)


Coleman Center for the Arts - York, AL

CCA uses contemporary art to foster positive social change, answer civic needs, build local pride, and use creativity for community problem solving. Artist-in-residence program focuses on socially-engaged participatory public art. 


Bunnell Street Arts Center - Homer, AK

Bunnell Street Arts Center offers both a funded and self-funded residency opportunity, which run approximately one month. Open to artists from Alaska, the U.S., and internationally. Deadline in late fall.

Wrangell Mountains Center - McCarthy, AK

The Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) is a nonprofit organization that fosters understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of wildlands and mountain culture in Alaska through scientific and artistic inquiry in the Wrangell Mountains on the boundary of 13 million acres of U.S. National Park land. The residency program aims to support artists of all genres, writers, and inquiring minds in the creation of their work. Resident is provided with a rustic, private live/work space, use of common areas, access to classes, and meals.




Eastside International - Los Angeles, CA

Eastside International (ESXLA) is an artist-run contemporary art exhibition space and international artist residency based in Los Angeles, California, directed by artist Jason Ramos. The artist-in-residence program hosts up to five artists to live, work, and immerse themselves in the Los Angeles art community. ESXLA’s parallel exhibition program features the work of local, national, and international emerging and established artists in a non-commercial alternative venue.
























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

White Leaves Artist Residency - El Rito, NM

The White Leaves Artist Residency is based in Northern New Mexico. The 2017-2018 session will be the first year of operation, in which 2 to 3 artists will be selected for either a Fall or Spring residency of 10-21 days in length. Artists working in any medium are accepted and there is no application fee.

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


Sitka Center for Art and Ecology - Otis, OR

Located in a beautiful natural area of coastal Oregon, the Sitka Center provides artists, writers, musicians, architects and natural science scholars the opportunity to conduct their work while deeply engaging with the environment of Cascade Head. Up to six residents at a time (up to 28 per year; runs October to May), from different disciplines and stages in their careers, live and work on campus for up to three and a half months, free of charge.





Vermont Studio Center - Johnson, VT

The Vermont Studio Center is the largest international residency program in the US, hosting more than 50 visual artists and writers each month from across the country and around the world.



West Virginia


ACRE - Steuben, WI

Artists' Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization based in Chicago that works to support emerging artists and built community around creative and cultural producers. The residency is set on 1000 acres of farmland in southeastern Wisconsin. Three 12-day sessions run throughout the summer, hosting 25-30 residents at a time.

Wormfarm Institute - Reedsburg, WI

Located on a farm in south-central Wisconsin, Wormfarm is dedicated to "starter culture" and sustainable systems of living and working. The residency runs from May through October and they host up to three artists at one time, typically lasting at least two months. Artists are provided with accommodation in exchange for 15 hours of participation in farm operations each week.

Standard Projects - Hortonville, WI

A new addition to the growing repertoire of Wisconsin residencies, Standard Projects is located in an old police station in downtown Hortonville in central Wisconsin. The residency invites artists to share an open and productive environment that encourages collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration. Average residency is 7-10 days.

Pfister Hotel - Milwaukee, WI

The Pfister Hotel boasts one of the largest Victorian art collections of any hotel in the world. The residency runs for a year and allows the artist the opportunity to work and exhibit on the first floor of this historic building in downtown Milwaukee.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center - Sheboygan, WI

The Arts/Industry residency has been running since 1974 and each year offers 16-22 artists working in any discipline to work two- to six-month residencies in the Pottery or Enamel/Foundry part of the Kohler factory.

The ExAIR (Exhibiting Artists in Residence) offers students the ability to work with artists at the Arts Center.

Farm Seeks Artist at Field Notes Farm - Custer, WI

Field Notes Farm has launched a new initiative that welcomes artists to the farm during the growing season who will work with them to produce art that gives the farm's Community Supported Agriculture members a new way to view and experience the farm, the produce, and the concept of the CSA. Artists are given a CSA share in return and the opportunity to share their stories.

The Bubbler - Madison, WI

Begun in 2013, the Madison Public Library hosts an artist for two months in a program that runs throughout the year.

Museum of Wisconsin Art in Luxembourg - Luxembourg

For Wisconsin artists or those for whom the state has had a notable impact on their work, a chance for a residency outside of Wisconsin -- in Europe. The biennial program sends one artist to work for three months at Bourglinster Castle, located 15 miles outside of Luxembourg City, along with three to five other artists from around the world. Housing, travel, and a stipend for the three months are included in the program.

Taliesin - Spring Green, WI (and Scottsdale, AZ)

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's historic Wisconsin home and studio hosts an artist-in-residence program for graduate-level art students and visual artists. The program gives priority to artists who respond to natural, architectural, or community settings as they hope that the unique architecture and environments of Taliesin or Taliesin West will inspire.

Appleton Public Library Artist-in-Residence - Appleton, WI

With AIR (Artist-in-Residence), the Appleton Public Library strives to connect local artists with their community by finding ways to make art accessible to the general public. Artists must be based in the Fox Valley. Residencies last for two months, and during the residency, artists will have space to exhibit their work and lead three programs that can be a combination of demonstrations, workshops, and/or lectures.