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Young Space is always accepting artist submissions for consideration. This includes individual artists' work, exhibition announcements, artist-led initiatives, and other related projects directed by artists. I'm particularly interested in examples of original work and ideas from emerging talent. Current art students or recent graduates are especially encouraged to contribute! The aim of this platform is to be as diverse and fresh and possible, and to maintain an open dialogue about art and art-making, its questions, and its challenges.

Are you part of an artist-run initiative? Visit to submit details for a new archive/documentation project!

All original content is written, edited, and organized by me, Kate Mothes unless otherwise noted. Due to the volume of submissions, only individual artists' work will be included on the website (for the time being). Exhibition announcements, gallery programs, and other related projects will be considered for social media only.

Submissions to the blog should be in the form of photographs of work, sound and performance (audio/video), exhibition installation views, or any other visual work that can be displayed well online. Use the form below to include information about where to find images of your work, such as a personal website or university portfolio. If accepted, you will receive a followup email requesting additional biographical or other information relevant to the work, and will be asked to answer some questions in the form of a casual email interview. If you do not have a website, please attach any images (limit 10) and send brief biographical or other information relevant to the work to Kate Mothes at

I look at every submission, but due to the volume, I may not be able to respond to everyone (although I would love to!). Please allow a few days for a response, in any case! Ultimately, the decision is based on a combination of artistic merit, originality, how the work fits into the context of this site, and your responses to the questions below. This is a diverse and inclusive platform; all are encouraged to contribute regardless of age, race, gender, religion, language, etc. Now, send me your stuff! Woo!

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If you do not have a website, please email with at least 5 attached images representative of your work.
Explain why you are submitting your work, why you feel it is a good fit for this site, and one reason why you are driven to make your work. If submitting an exhibition announcement or information about an artist-led project, explain its premise/mission and be sure to give all pertinent details such as organization, location, date, list of artists, etc.
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