Anne-Sophie Vallée // Meringue

Anne-Sophie Vallée // Meringue


2017, gypsum-cement and pigments

Artist Statement:

I dedicate myself to investigate relations of affect between things and human. I want to address the body-in-space experience in which the matter and the self intersect in unusual ways. In this work, the body in motion is the premise for objects activation and deactivation. I reflect on the idea of ‘material vitalism’ in terms of driving force capable of revealing the hidden knowledge of things. In this way, I attempt to lessen the distance between the human and the nonhuman world. Working around the animate nature of materials, I make exploratory use of our most used building materials like plaster, gypsum and cement. I stir and blend, I pour and spill, I cluster and clump, I chisel and shatter. I rely on misadventures and catastrophes to produce the most extravagant manifestations. My work burst with exuberant colour aiming to unleash material potential to liveliness. I attempt to collide my own energy in a feisty and vigorous way with the matter I share a physical presence as a way to sabotage the stillness of things. Instead, I invite for their participation in the work’s final form.

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