Jamie Romanet // Sleeper

Jamie Romanet // Sleeper


2017, ink and pastel on arches paper (framed)

Artist Statement:

Human emotion is at the center of my work. I delve into various anxieties, fears, stored thoughts and experiences by working with the spontaneous and dream-like arena of watercolor and ink.Using a variety of techniques I attempt to pull out the various images and forms. I am reminded of the last four stanzas from the poem All the Hemispheres by the Persian mystic poet Hafiz.

"All the hemispheres in existence/ Lie beside an equator/ In your heart./ Greet yourself/ In your thousand other forms/ As you mount the hidden tide and travel/ Back home./ All the hemispheres in the heaven/ Are sitting around a fire/ Chatting/ While stitching themselves together/ Into the Great Circle inside of/ You."

Working in the small format, I am interested in drawing the viewer into an intimate world where they may greet themselves, and their other forms, to examine how we are different, and also the same. How we are pulled to ourselves, and away from ourselves? And what is our individual and collective relationship to one and other?

In my current process I bleach and erase the original painting to work with the remaining stain.This fragilizes the piece and leaves a ghost-like figure. Through this method, I explore how our inherited spirits haunt us and move us in different directions, while also looking at concepts of attachment and permanence.

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