Jessica Cannon

Jessica Cannon


2017, acrylic on paper

Artist Statement:

My recent paintings depict waves in different formations – rising, leaning, and sometimes merging into each other at various angles. They are done in acrylic on paper, and sometimes mounted to panel. The paintings are part of a longer history of working with landscape imagery but mark a shift into a more figurative and cosmic territory.

This transition came about naturally, however with some reflection I can tie it to seeing my father struggle with health issues, and taking in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Both experiences left me feeling anxious in relation to forces that had become increasingly visible. In winter 2017 I began reading some introductory physics books and connected with their poetic descriptions of time and space. The feeling of smallness brought on by mortality and politics had a different quality against the backdrop of the universe. This interior shift resonated with the imagery I was working with and expanded on a previous interest in collective symbols and Jungian archetypes.

Among the elements interacting in my paintings are: bodily forms experienced as vessels of water, rainbows as containers for limited human sight, the sun and moon as representations of time, and waves as expressions of energy.

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