Jin Jeong // UMMA #31

Jin Jeong // UMMA #31


2017, mixed media on paper (framed)

Artist Statement: 

We are fickle. Even if the world around us doesn’t change, our perception of it can shift based on our internal selves. Our experiences, emotions, thoughts, whimsy, can all influence our perception of a singular moment. The drawings are meant to be read as one- each painting depicts the same person in each specific series of works, but the atmosphere of the paintings transform and begin to tell a story of a different experience, a different reality that represents complexity. I invite the audience into a colorful world, providing the viewer an experience to not only see the different moments in my life, but also project the viewers’ own emotions, ideas, and stories in a retrospective of their own. The work is meant to cater to the individual self. Like us, colors can be fickle – and their fickleness will give the opportunity for the viewer to come away from the work with their own unique understanding of a story being told.

Recalling the physical attributes of one whom I’ve shared many memories with is easier than recalling their internal attributes. It is challenging for me to clarify how I am aware of a person and the clear judgement of him or her without involving my personal feelings.

Dealing with vivid colors, organic shapes, and lines create a subtle tension by the arrangement of the elements. Intertwining shapes and layers of colors and lines create different depths and planes on a two-dimensional surface. Creating sharp, tangled lines and layers of shapes represent the complexity in emotion and reality. Depicting non-representative faces helps to further the depiction of fickle and blurred memories; it conveys the statement that even though we remember the true features of the moment or a person’s face, it is hard to describe someone objectively.

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