Samantha Passaniti // Breath

Samantha Passaniti // Breath


2012, mixed media on canvas

Artist Statement:

In a world dominated by the rush, the business and the individualism I feel the need to take care of the emotions, to listen to the others and, nonetheless to myself. I work as an artist to express my emotions and my story, always in the attempt to communicate it to the others, trying to sharing what I normally is hidden in the deepest corners of my soul.
What I am trying to do, firstly as a person, but also as an artist, is to keep myself very attached to our spiritual sensations and needs, despite of the difficulties this world puts on our path.

I like to think that art is a world apart, like a little garden in which we can be joyful and free, outside of all the standards and behaviours our society imposed to us. Making art gives me the opportunity to feel myself welcomed and find my own harmony, regarding to myself and the rest of the world as well.

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