Shaina Gates // Lady Slipper 2

Shaina Gates // Lady Slipper 2


2017, oil on canvas

Artist Statement: 

These are intimately scaled oil paintings depicting folded and crumpled black paper. The paintings use a limited palette—mixing color to create the blacks and greyed hues that appear as light and shadow falling across creases on paper. These are highly realistic, intensely detailed images, reminiscent of traditional trompe l'œil paintings, except that the illusion extends right to the edges.  Several of the works are of folded and unfolded origami figures, which their titles refer to (e.g. “Coyote,” “Lady Slipper”). When these paper figures are unfolded and smoothed out, the record of the creases remain embedded in the surface.

The “Fossil” work is made by folding the paper down the center, then crumpling the paper while it is folded. When the paper is smoothed out, a sort of textural Rorschach emerges in the symmetry.  The paintings appear at first to be monochromatic/black and white, tuning the lights and shadows along a gray scale. But, as the pupils adjust to the dark palette, the viewer discovers a range of color suggesting a kind of optical iridescence. Exploration of duplication, symmetry, and a limited palette are strategically used to point toward perceptive slips—the uncanny, déjà vu, afterimages, et al. 

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