Winnie Sidharta // Adrift

Winnie Sidharta // Adrift


2017, collage of multiple watercolor and print cutouts, mounted on paper (framed)

Artist Statement:

The primary modality through which I think and work is collage. The only difference is that in my head the division is intangible. The cut - the edit, the single chance, the removal and reassembling of time, of form, and of space has been the grounding component of my practice. This has been the guiding thread throughout my investigations of image, selfhood, and the historic precedent of portraiture as a means of coalescing the disparate dimensions of our fragmented human identities.

My work is manifested in contemplation of metaphysical ideas of an ideal image. In my process, painting serves as a starting point through which I create a whole unit of images to convey representations of bodies, colors and spaces. The desire to break the image open and to reverse the finality of the painting lead me to cut it into fragments as if to preserve it in a constant state of becoming. I cut and sift through multiple abstract pieces of watercolor cut outs, layering them atop or beside one another, burying and uncovering parts of them, leaving them to touch and overlap in order to produce a continuous “whole.” The gaps and cuts become metaphors for lost time and memory. They point to the paths that retain and store our visual history as a sequence of cuts or decisive moments.

As primary sources of painting become secondary, the resulting images become abstract morphologies that complicate representations of body and landscape. Through the experience of immigration and assimilation, I find myself in my work. This association with a body that I have become is something that is both inside and outside of the margins - a place where I can put or position myself against the ideal image, creating a contrasting new gestalt, one that contains a complex entity.

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